Sunday, August 24, 2014

Moving to Wordpress

I am moving to Here is my introductory post explaining my new blog and the move. I haven't decided the fate of this blog or the name "SandiesSofties" yet ~ tbd. 

Ellipses …

Life is a tangle of themes, strings twisting chaotically around each other and me until I am wrapped up in a thousand ongoing storylines. From the middle of the mess I try to trace the lines and find some broken and frayed from lack of conclusion, but most others thinning out in places then filling out again in turn throughout the jumble of this beautiful mess. The longer my fingers follow the strings the more textured and vividly detailed they become, stretching into all the Tomorrows; the continuity of these twisting lines makes every day make a little more sense.
Laying out these lines on paper, translating them into the stories they tell, I repeatedly find that so few end decisively. One disappears for a moment behind another; a question left hanging from years ago resurfaces to find an answer in a new territory of the tangle. Events, like beads on twine, decorate portions of these life-lines, bringing an otherwise ordinary theme into distinction. The beaded patterns change as places and people come and go, but the threads go on. The storylines of life continue to twist and turn – changing, growing, fading – and by tracing them out I begin to understand what has been and who I am becoming.
These lines, in translation, rarely end with a period. The complex, messy, interwoven life-lines end more often with an unfinished thought, a hesitation, a trailing off … to be picked up again … and again … interrupted by confrontation with new worlds or contemplation of current spheres of existence and thought … and continue on, swirling around my head and heart.
And so this blog is born – to be the translation of these thousand life-lines that end with an ellipse. …
… because I’m in the middle of this beautiful, messy work of art
where there are few conclusions
and continual explorations
of the meaning, substance, and joy of life …
And so this blog will be a collection of contemplations – some new, some carried over from my previous blog which got lost in its own maze of conflicting agendas, some revived poetry and papers brought back from the depths of my hard drive and storage boxes. And if it changes direction again, it will be a reflection of the tangle of themes that run through life. And I will write a new preface.